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BioFreeze Chattanooga ColPac Hydrocollator
Biofreeze helps relax muscles and increase blood flow for less painful, more effective therapy.
Therapeutic cooling that covers a general area for targeted relief and comfort.
Moist heat pack designed to provide soothing therapy for sore muscles and joints.
Therabeads Heating Pads Hydrocollator Heating Unit
Our TheraBeads® microwavable packs represent a major breakthrough in moist heat therapy.
Thermophore and Theratherm products are designed to deliver!
Hydrocollator Heating Units. Our flagship product is the standard all others can only hope to match
Suffering from stiff, tense, and sore muscles? Relief can be found and relaxed, with a little heat, and joints affected by arthritis pain are no different. Not only does heat relax muscles, it also stimulates blood flow and improves circulation, helps increases range of motion, and reduces stiffness in painful joints. Products like Biofreeze, Colpac, Theratherm heating pads can all help relieve discomfort.

Cold Therapy for Joint Pain; When arthritis pain causes a sensation of burning, cool it off with cold — applying an ice pack or even a bag of frozen vegetables (easier to wrap around an area like a knee) can help to numb areas affected by joint pain. Cold therapy can reduce inflammation, a major cause of arthritis joint pain and stiffness. Placing a cold pack on a swollen joint can also help bring it back down to size, which will also lessen joint pain.

Using Hot and Cold Therapy Hot and cold therapy; each have their own appropriate uses. You should never apply heat to a joint that is already hot, red, and irritated, for example, nor should you apply cold to a joint that's stiff and not moving well. Remember, heat helps muscles relax; cold helps to minimize inflammation and pain. It's also important to be careful when using hot and cold therapy to manage arthritis pain, or you might end up with damage to your skin from exposure to relatively extreme temperatures.

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